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Note : It is understood that consultation offers only education and recommendation of a holistic nature and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advise, prescription or treatment. For all health concerns, I have been advised to consult with a duly licensed.

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Body Vata   Pitta   Kapha  
Physique Thinly built frame Well built-medium Large frame
Fingernails Thin-cracking Medium-soft-pink Thick-white
Weight Difficult to gain Medium-muscular Easy to gain
Stool Dry-irregular Loose-regular Soft-heavy
Appetite Variable Steady-strong Constant
Lips Thin-dry-cracks Soft-pink Thick-pale
Endurance Easily exhausted Moderate-focused High
Temperature Craves warmth Loves-coolness Dislike cold
Sweat Minimal Profuse Medium
Hair Dry-thin-dark Fine-soft-gray Thick-lustrous
Pulse 80-100 70-80 60-70
Memory Good recent memory quick to learn Sharp Good long-term memory
Sleep Light-interrupted Short-strong Deep-heavy
Temperament Fearful-nervous Impatient Easy going
Emotion Anxious-insecure Angry-judgmental Possessive
Deep beliefs Change quickly Strong-opinion Steady
Work Creative-artistic Intellectual-courage Caring-faith
Lifestyle Variable-erratic Goal oriented Steady
Speech Fast talking Precise Slow

Many ideas

More thoughts then deeds
Logical-good planner get things done Calm-slow organizer

Male Female

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